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When you give, you are investing in our mission.

We believe that giving is not only good for others, it is good for the giver. Every time we give we look a little more like Jesus. Every tme we give we release the grasp of greed on our lives. Every time we give we declare that we depend on God for our provision. We want to be Generous like Jesus!

Where to Give

We have two funds that you can contribute to. We encourage those partnering with us in mission to invest first in our General Fund, which goes to supply the needs for our day-to-day ministry. You can also choose to contribute above and beyond toward the Those Not Yet fund, which exists to help us create better environments and meet needs in our community.

Those Not Yet

How to Give

We have made giving simple by offering several avenues

In Person

At One of Several Giving Stations Throughout the Lobby


Send the Amount to 84321


Click Here for More Info

If you give online, we recommend you consider setting up a Regular ACH donation. This method is beneficial in several ways. It helps us better budget knowing what is expected each month. It allows you to decide once to be faithful always. By making this a recurring donation you are able to maintain your investment even if you are unable to be present in person. Using ACH (electronic transfer) is just as secure and only charges a fee of $.30/transaction versus 2.15%+ of a credit/debit card donation. More of your money goes to supporting this mission.

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