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“Campaign Connect” is about improving our environments to create spaces for people from our church to connect with each other on Sundays and throughout the week.

Campaign Connect

  • Turning an unused upper lobby into a cafe to be used as an alternate venue on Sunday
  • mornings and a gathering space for individuals and groups throughout the week.
  • Adding a Lift to get people from the lower level to the upper level.
  • Updating the lobby with better lighting, staircase balusters instead of walls, focal point wall for guests, floors if permitted as well as a plug-and-play portable musical venue.
  • Extending our outdoor hangout area onto the patio by adding aluminum pergolas on both entries, umbrella tables, benches and a fire pit, in addition to painting the exterior trim.

We are committed to raising what we need in order to build what we need so that we don’t have to borrow what we need. This project will cost an estimated $300K. We are hoping to begin construction January 2022, but we need to have $200K raised by that time to start. Would you consider investing in this environment that will better help us accomplish our mission. If so, you can Give to the Those Not Yet Fund.

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